Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dear Obama: Responding to McCain's Criticism on Foreign Affairs 2

Also, although you need to be careful about how you say this (avoid sounding too I-told-you-so), but McCain's recent comments on the appropriateness of a timetable/time horizon align closely with your position. Not only does McCain's position seem to come pretty close to yours, but he also gives up one of his major perceived advantages (foreign policy judgement). Like in the primaries with clinton, people like you more than your opponent when you have the same policy.

Dear Obama: Responding to McCain's Criticism on Foreign Affairs

If I were Axelrod, I would tell Obama to respond to McCain's criticism of your trip abroad by emphasizing the importance of strong international relationships and highlighting the Bush-lead deterioration of the American brand over the last 8 years. Show that restoring relationships will revive america. Explain that strong relationships will do the following:

- increase the chance that other nations commit troops to Afghanistan, reducing the strain on the american troops
- strengthen alliances, which will increase our negotiating power with China, Iran, North Korea
- reduce the number of agitated foreigners, which may help reduce terrorist activity abroad
- improve our ability to negotiate when discussing international climate change initiatives

The bottom line:
Bush's your with us or against us foreign policy has alienated many countries and damaged our reputation abroad. It's time to "turn the page" and restore the belief that America is the finest country in the world (which also counters McCain's country first theme).

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